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Your Innovator Brain: The Truth About ADHD

This book is unlike any you have ever read about what is commonly referred to as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. I wrote it not only with the specific intention and hope that it would be a game changer but also out of profound compassion and respect for the millions of people who have been diagnosed with, treat, teach, counsel, or have family, friends, or partners with ADHD.


“Carol’s book is a must read for anyone labeled ADHD. Using her ground breaking concept of the Innovator Brain Type, she provides a step by step process that allows you to maximize your potential and perform better at home, at school and on the job. This book will leave you excited about the future and empowered to bust through the old myth”

— T. Harv Eker, New York Times No. 1 Best-selling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind™


“Getting a good ADHD coach is one of the smartest things an ADDer can do. And this coach shares her life’s journey, her perspectives, and stories and techniques that are truly healing. Brilliant book!”

— Thom Hartmann, author of ADD: A Different Perception and The Edison Gene


A total game changer and a certified must-read—

This is Carol Gignoux’s Your Innovator Brain: The Truth About ADHD!

ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781504345835

ISBN 13 (Hardbound): 9781504345859

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504345842